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Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

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Some drinkers need more care than they can manage by going it alone or only attending 12-step meetings. They need intensive intervention programs in a rehab for alcohol abuse. Such additional services can complement a 12-step program and strengthen a client’s chances for restored health and lasting recovery. Rehab for alcohol abuse can include the safe, 24/7 monitoring of withdrawal from alcohol if needed, administering of alcohol medications when necessary and using cognitive behavioral approaches.

For information about rehab for alcohol abuse, call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego CA at (619) 213-1463.

Give Yourself a Break Today

The freedom of spending time away from the daily stress of familiar people and places that may cause a person to drink again can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of rehab for alcohol abuse. Alternative healing programs in alcohol rehab allow a holistic treatment approach to restore a balance between your body, mind and spirit. Getting alcohol rehab with a wide range of programs available strengthens your recovery and relapse prevention plan.

DUI Offenders Have an Option to a Lengthy License Suspension

Under California’s current Administrative Per Se laws regarding convictions for driving under the influence, first-time offenders who submit to a BAC test and fail it receive, among other penalties, a four-month suspension of their license.

After at least 30 days of the suspension, if they meet certain conditions including providing proof that they are enrolled in an approved alcohol treatment program, they may be granted a restricted license for driving to and from the program and their job during the course of treatment.

Alcohol rehab centers in San Diego, CA are conveniently located. A voluntary surrender of a little freedom now could be a smart approach to restoring your health and avoiding the likelihood of more permanent losses of freedom down the road. You will exit rehab for alcohol abuse with a network of continuing services and people who can help you stay on track. Don’t let alcohol use drive you into a worse state of addiction or depression.

Get the level of treatment you need now through rehab for alcohol abuse. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

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