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Recovery and Sobriety San Diego CA

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Addiction Recovery can Only Begin with Professional Treatment

While the process of becoming addicted to a drug or alcohol can take a short while—in some cases, a single dose—the process of rehabilitating from addiction usually takes considerably longer. Recovery and sobriety is often considered a lifelong process, because the lure of drug and alcohol is likely to remain with you for many years down the road. Luckily, the actual process of addiction treatment is typically only a few weeks or months in length.

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Doctors and Therapists can Remedy the Components of Addiction

Addiction is such a powerful illness because it affects both the body and the mind. Once you have consumed enough narcotics or alcohol for a long enough period of time, your body acclimates to its presence. When you attempt to stop, your body resists the urge to return to sobriety by producing withdrawal symptoms like nausea or chills. This is physical addiction.

Additionally, you must cope with the psychological addiction which is based on the euphoric feelings associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Once you experience this high, you crave experiencing it again. You may go to extreme lengths like stealing or violence to get high again.

Intense Psychoanalysis will Provide a Window into the Addiction

In order to understand your individual mechanism for alcohol or drug abuse, you will need to undergo psychotherapy. While drugs and alcohol use can be appealing in their own right, addiction is usually the result of powerful psychological urges. This may be hidden emotional trauma like PTSD, sexual abuse, or phobias, but once they are identified, you and your alcohol and drug counseling team can properly address it.

Behavioral Modification Will Help Throttle the Urge to Use

One of the most powerful recovery and sobriety tools is behavior modification. This type of psychotherapy first determines what your personal relapse triggers are. Then you and your team develop powerful coping strategies that allow you to deny the urge to use again. These strategies may include cognitive retraining, sponsor notification or admission to a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. Whatever the strategy, your relapse prevention team will help train you so that these responses are automatic.

Maintaining a Strong Social Network will Provide Additional Incentives to Remain Clean

One of the most challenging situations for any substance abuser is the return to their normal life. As they re-integrate into society, they may be confronted by numerous temptations to drink or use again. In order to minimize the risks at this critical juncture throughout your life, the recovery and sobriety team may contact your friends and family so that they can help encourage you and monitor your progress.

By relying on a strong social network, you will be able to find help when the urge to use drugs and alcohol threatens to overwhelm you, or if you just need someone to listen and support you emotionally. Get drug treatment today and begin changing the course of your life.

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