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Drug Intervention San Diego CA

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Ask for Assistance When Staging an Intervention

If you are like most people, you will probably only have to stage a single intervention if at all. And like most people you’re probably quite unfamiliar with how to go about managing one. It is therefore important to find someone who has expertise in this field.

You are most likely to find assistance at an addiction treatment facility in the area. In most cases, the rehabilitation and recovery specialists there will possess an inordinate amount of knowledge about how best to stage a drug or alcoholism intervention, and are more than willing to guide you through the process.

Call Alcohol Treatment Center San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

Prepare for the Actual Intervention

As you prepare for the intervention, you will need to carefully plan out the entire procedure. You may wish to invite family, friends and associates who are willing to share information about their own addiction and emotional pain related to others who they loved and fell into alcohol or drug use. You may also decide that having a professional treatment and recovery expert there. However, you plan the intervention, you should gather together ahead of time to rehearse the entire process.

Strategize for Possible Responses, including Denial and Violence

As your consultant has probably advised you, an intervention can be unpredictable. There is usually an outpouring of emotion from the addict as well as from other participants. In some cases, there may be arguments and heated exchanges, even violence. While these types of confrontations should be avoided if at all possible, it is not always avoidable. It is therefore wise to authorize certain people to take control of the situation should violence erupt. In case of an emergency, be prepared to call 911.

Involuntary Enrollment Can Still be Effective

You may feel that the intervention has failed if the alcoholic or drug user fails to admit to their addiction problem, but many interventions fail to convince the addict that they need a change. The good news is that it isn’t necessary for the substance abuser to voluntarily participate in a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. Many participants respond quite positively to drug rehabilitation services once the effects of substance abuse have left their system. Therefore, your intervention may not result in voluntary participation, but if you can get the addict into a program, you may still consider it a success.

Remain Involved in Their Lives Following Treatment

One of the greatest challenges to a recovering alcoholic or drug user is reentering society. While they were in a program they were isolated from chemicals, but returning to their lives presents numerous temptations. It is then that they will most need your trust and support. Remaining involved after addiction rehabilitation is completed may be difficult because it is a long term commitment, but it can be just as—or, even, more—important as planning and staging an intervention.
For more information about planning and managing an intervention in San Diego, CA, please direct your questions to Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

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