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Drug Treatment Programs San Diego CA

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Remedying an Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol Usually Requires Residential Treatment

It is no secret that narcotics like cocaine and heroin are powerful and addictive, but many people still believe that enough will power is sufficient to break free from those addictions. The truth is that drug addiction to those substances and even alcohol or prescription drugs is almost impossible to overcome without help from highly reputable drug treatment programs.

While some people can benefit from outpatient programs, the most successful rehabilitation programs usually involve residential treatment. If you are interested in your recovery treatment options, call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

Our Award-Winning Clinic for San Diego, CA

If you are one of the millions of Americans who are struggling with abuse of drugs or alcohol, you can find help at the drug treatment programs in San Diego. These outstanding substance abuse centers combine the latest scientific advances like new medications with proven drug detoxification techniques like psychological counseling to help you break free from the shackles of addiction. San Diego treatment and recovery facilities offer the best in remediation therapies as well luxurious accommodations and first class service.

Be Honest about All Aspects of Your Addiction at the Intake Exam

To get the most out of your time in one of San Diego’s excellent addiction facilities, you should begin the program with an honest explanation of your drug habit, psychological symptoms and any health issues at the intake exam. This initial evaluation will help your supervising physician pinpoint all of the issues which may complicate the drug treatment program. If you have any mental health problems like anxiety or schizophrenia it is important to diagnose them early or it could prolong or reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Work With Your Addiction Recovery Team

This level of cooperation with your addiction therapy team shouldn’t end after the intake. Despite the many challenges involved in substance abuse rehabilitation, adopting a hostile attitude toward your team of therapists will likely make the situation less productive. If you can learn to trust your doctors, therapists and caretakers, you will find that their advice is trustworthy and, ultimately, intended for your best interests. If you are willing to be honest about your desire to use drugs and alcohol, past experiences and any related issues, your time in substance abuse and treatment is likely to be much more successful.

Finding Emotional Support Outside of Rehab is Crucial

This open and honest attitude should continue even after you leave the San Diego drug rehabilitation center. Sharing your feelings and challenges with loving family, friends and sponsors will help lighten the emotional burden upon you and lower the risk of relapse.

If you can develop one or two deep relationships with people who you trust intimately, you will be better prepared to handle any problems or high risk situations which could cause a return to drug or alcohol use. Even if you don’t have anyone like that in your personal life, you may always find support through a rehabilitation counselor.

To learn more about drug treatment centers in San Diego, CA, please call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

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