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San Diego is a bustling city with a lot to offer residents and guests. San Diego is also significantly impacted by drug addiction including alcohol, heroin and methamphetamine distribution that is difficult for addicts to overcome alone.

Detoxifying is an important aspect of drug abuse treatment that addresses the physical symptoms that occur when you stop using substances. For example, depression is common for people overcoming a dependency to drugs and alcohol. Detoxifying focuses on relieving the physical and mental signs of withdrawal that you may experience during the first days and weeks of sobriety.

For medical detox assistance, Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

The Recovery Process

One of the first steps completed when you enter a residential care center is a comprehensive evaluation that includes an assessment of your physical health. You may need specific types of food or vitamins to treat nutrient deficiencies, or you may require care that alleviates the physical signs of withdrawal that occur when you stop using a substance.

Medical staff will work to ensure your first days of detoxifying and recovery are as safe and comfortable as possible. You may also work with an addiction counselor to determine whether there are any underlying issues related to the use of substances. This process prepares you both mentally and physically for a long term recovery.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Care

Drug abuse treatment typically continues after your physical symptoms are treated by detoxifying. Inpatient care is an option that provides you with one-on-one counseling in a professional setting, while outpatient care plans allow you to recover at home. Outpatient care plans include attending meetings and counseling sessions to give you support while recovery takes place. Inpatient care is often recommended because it allows you to focus on recovery.

If you are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and need help setting goals for a permanent recovery, call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego today for help at (619) 213-1463.

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