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Drug Detoxification San Diego CA

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The Days of Painful Detoxification are Long Gone

Many people have wholly bought into the concept that detoxification is a period of isolation in which a substance abuser sweats out their chemicals. Not only is this outdated mode of detox particularly ineffective because it often compels the user to return to their chemical dependence, but premier drug abuse and addiction facilities don’t use a procedure with any similarities to that. These days, detoxification is easily and safely managed with outstanding medical intervention.

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Physical Addiction is Easily Treated with New Medications

Detoxification is primarily intended to eliminate a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. If the drug user has been using for some time, their body can become accustomed to the presence of those chemicals. When they are withdrawn, the user can exhibit withdrawal symptoms like nausea, anxiety, chills or insomnia. All of these symptoms can be mitigated or eliminated by using medications. In most cases, the most troubling symptoms of withdrawal can be avoided.

Psychological Addiction Requires Psychotherapeutic Remedies

What is more challenging for most longtime users of drugs and alcohol is the psychological addiction. Once they have experienced the euphoria of substance abuse, they will attempt to recreate it by upping the dosage or trying more powerful drugs and alcohol. New medications can block the effects of these chemicals on the brain, thereby eliminating the urge to use, but most addicts respond most positively to intensive psychotherapy. These therapies unlock the psychological motivations which compel users to abuse chemicals. They also provide response strategies which allow users to avoid relapse.

Once Detoxification is Achieved, Patients Will be Taught Strategies for Lifelong Sobriety

If the challenges of physical and psychological addiction are successfully treated, then there are a number of long term therapies which can be used to maintain that sobriety indefinitely. Addiction treatment may include long term counseling in which an addict develops a powerful trust relationship with a psychotherapist they can see following residential treatment. This allows them to reinforce the lessons learned in treatment, continue psychological therapies and provide an outlet for emotional burdens.

Other long term solutions include yoga, meditation and spiritual exercises. These types of activities help maintain the emotional balance of the individual, which keeps them from falling into a need for chemical dependence. Healthy living with exercise and proper diet is also a powerful long term strategy.

Finding Support in Family and Friends can Help Maintain Sobriety

Ultimately, one of the most beneficial ways of remaining clean and sober is to immerse yourself in a strong social community. Ideally, this should include supportive family and friends who can provide encouragement. Not only do family and friends offer unconditional love and support, but they can also be powerful incentives for remaining sober. Additional support can also be found with local support groups. Organizations like Narcotics Anonymous provide sponsors who can offer advice and help.

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