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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab San Diego CA

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in San Diego, CA (619) 213-1463

Almost 23 million Americans suffer from some type of alcohol or drug abuse and addiction. In addition to the broken and destroyed lives of those suffering from this illness are the countless people who have been adversely affected by them including family members, friends, co-workers and crime victims. There is also an enormous financial cost to addiction; it is estimated that addiction to drugs costs the U.S. almost $181 billion annually, while alcohol addiction costs $185 billion a year.

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Don’t Fool Yourself into Believing You Aren’t Addicted

If you are a habitual or “casual” user of drug or alcohol, you may not recognize the powerful grip that these substance abuse drugs have over you. If you exhibit any of the following signs, you are probably an addict.

  • You constantly think about your next hit or drink
  • You have ignored important responsibilities at work, school or home
  • You have used drugs or alcohol in high risk situations like driving or at work
  • You have tried to stop using and failed

No One is Strong Enough to Beat Addiction Alone

There are two components to drug addiction that make it almost impossible to overcome on your own. The first is physical addiction. Once you use alcohol or drugs for a long enough period, your body becomes accustomed to its presence. Eventually, you will exhibit illness if you stop using. The second component of drug abuse and misuse is a psychological addiction. Once you experience the euphoria of using, you constantly crave experiencing it again.

Help from One of San Diego’s Premier Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Centers is Only a Phone Call Away

To overcome this addiction, you must enroll in alcohol and drug addiction rehab in San Diego. With the assistance of the highly experienced and knowledgeable drug treatment specialists at these facilities, you will be able to return to your life free from the enslavement to chemicals. These award winning treatment clinics in San Diego, CA have helped countless people addicted to drugs by using the latest medications which eliminate cravings or block the actions of drugs and alcohol on the human brain. They also utilize powerful psychotherapies which strengthen the psychic strength of patients and train them to respond appropriately to trigger situations.

Following Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab, You Will Enjoy Life Once Again

Once you complete a stint at one of San Diego’s leading substance rehab centers, you will find that you can appreciate life’s joys once again. You will embrace living without constant thoughts about your preferred substance of abuse. Time with your family and friends will be as or more fulfilling than any chemical high. It does not matter how long you have suffered with drug and alcohol abuse; after a course of medical detoxification treatment at an alcohol and drug addiction rehab in San Diego, you will find satisfaction in life once again.

To learn more about alcohol and drug addiction rehab in San Diego, please call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego at (619) 213-1463.

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