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Addiction Treatment Medicine

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Drug and alcohol addiction can be painful and difficult to overcome alone. Seeking drug rehab treatment is generally considered the best method to learn to live without using drugs and alcohol. Many treatment programs begin with detoxification, which uses addiction treatment medicine to ease withdrawal symptoms and make the transition into sobriety easier. Our medical staff examines each patient closely to determine which addiction treatment medicine regimen will work best for them.

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How Does Addiction Develop?

Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone for a variety of different reasons. Although there is sometimes a stigma that comes with being labeled an addict, it is an illness that is out of the person’s control. Some addicts are genetically predisposed to this disease while others may take time to progress into their addiction.

Those who suffer from the disease of addiction lose the power of choice and are unable to moderate their drinking and using. They develop a mental obsession and physical craving once they take their first drink or drug, and they are unable to stop on their own.

How Does Medication Help Treat Addiction?

One of the most difficult aspects of entering a drug rehabilitation program is getting through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly painful. Many addicts relapse to avoid the discomfort of these symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms vary based on the type of substance the patient is addicted to, but the correct addiction treatment medicine regimen can help ease these symptoms.

Common options for addiction treatment medicine include:

  • Suboxone, which is an opioid antagonist used for heroin and prescription opiate abuse.
  • Disulfiram (Antabuse), which is used to curb alcohol cravings by making drinking unpleasant for the patient.
  • Naltroxone, which is a narcotic antagonist that blocks cravings and pleasurable feelings related to drinking. It can also block the effects of intravenous opioid substances for 24-72 hours.

Figuring out which addiction treatment medicine will work for you or your loved one requires a professional medical examination within a rehabilitation center.

Treatment for Drug Abuse

San Diego Drug Treatment Centers are here to offer help to anyone who has a desire to stop using by offering addiction treatment medicine therapy. We understand that addiction can sometimes spiral into a seemingly hopeless situation, but our San Diego Drug Treatment Centers have seen many of our clients recover from this potentially fatal disease.

Our clients will first go through an evaluation conducted by one of our addiction specialists. It is important that an incoming client is truthful about the extent of their drug use to ensure that the receive all the medical attention they’ll need during medical detoxification.

The symptoms of withdrawal can often be painful and uncomfortable, but we use the latest addiction treatment medicine to help our clients through detox. This will put them in a clear state of mind to begin rehabilitation.

It is never too late to seek help. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers San Diego today for more information at (619) 213-1463.

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